KITAS is a sign of permission given to foreign nationals with a relatively short period of stay. The period of time is from 6 months, 1 year, to 2 years. Like other licensing documents, KITAS can also be extended in accordance with the provisions in force in a particular country. KITAP is valid for five years, and if after five years there is no change in the status of the expat, the visa will be automatically extended. All you need to do is apply for a new card.

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How to apply and what are the benefits of working KITAS?
If you are going to work or obtain income in Indonesia, you have to have a working visa. Work visa KITAS, allows foreign citizens to work officially in the country. You cannot work or make money in Indonesia without a work permit.

Working permit can be for a IT Worker, Consultant, Marketing Manager and many ther job titles. Contact us to see what category your job title falls under

Valid for 1 year, includes multiple entry permit and sponsorship.

Check the Step Application

Steps to make your application for a Working KITAS
Required Document

• Passport valid for at least 18 months and minimum 2 blank pages
• Scanning of the main page of the passport details
• Scanning of the page of the passport cover
• Scanning of the current valid visa (minimum 60 days valid visa)
• Bank statement
• Curricullum Vitae (CV)
• Address in original country
• Address in Indonesia (hotel or apartment)
• Personal contact details (phone number, WhatsApp number, email)
• Emergency contact details (family members)
• Certificate of degree graduated or expertise
• Photograph size 4 x 6 cm, 3 pieces, with red background, jpg format
• Domicile letter from local or sub district government office
• Company sponsor in Indonesia (we can provide the sponsor)


What do you need before traveling to Indonesia during Covid-19?


Our Pricing

What’s included?

  • E-VISA 312

  • PNBP


  • STM

  • SKTT


  • Renewal for 1 year IDR. 7.000.000
  • You do not need to fly out and apply for the visa at Indonesian Embassy outside of Indonesia. And no cost for Indonesian Embassy visa application fee.
  • Renewal needs to be processed a minimum of 1 month before your KITAS Expires.

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