5 Top Cities in Indonesia for Working as an Expatriates

Are you a foreigner who is seeking a job in Indonesia?

Then you must know that Indonesia could be advantageous for having a good working environment. Indonesia is popular for being the friendliest country in the world, which means you do not need to worry about working in a new environment. 

Besides that, currently there are 416 regencies and 98 cities spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia. Each city has its own unique characteristics. So, which cities could be the best place as your work destination in Indonesia? We will further discuss the best cities for working. Let’s check it out!

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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, where the center of activity is found in this city. Companies vary from national to international levels. This makes Jakarta the most targeted city for job seekers because of the wide opportunities in various jobs. In addition, easy access to lifestyle supports the creation of comfortable life for example the public transportation, cafes, and entertainment. 

Moreover, Jakarta is a good place for expats looking for work in Indonesia because Jakarta already has more adequate infrastructure than any other cities, namely roads and the internet. In addition, Jakarta already has an established ecosystem. This can be seen from the mature developed industries, for example in the education, finance, and trade sectors.

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The capital of West Java Province is not inferior in providing good employment opportunities. When compared to Jakarta, Bandung provides a more calming, cool and creative ambiance. This sounds suitable for prospective workers who want to apply a work-life balance. In addition, economic growth and increased per capita income in Bandung make this city suitable for the establishment of new companies. The inauguration of the access to the Jakarta-Bandung toll road is positive evidence that Bandung is becoming a business center for surrounding cities.


The city of Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia which can provide a quality of life at work. The rapid development of the city of Surabaya has its own charm for newcomers. Surabaya is one of the gateways for the economy and tourism in the eastern part of Java. The city is also a center for business, commerce, industry and education. Wide employment opportunities in various fields are available here. This is supported by many industrial and office areas. In addition, the UMK in Surabaya is among the highest in East Java.


Makassar City is the capital of South Sulawesi Province, which won the best quality and level of life sector on Sulawesi Island. Large quality companies are also present in this city which is attractive for prospective workers in Indonesia. The UMR value in this city is not inferior to urban areas on the island of Java. Serving a population of around 1.8 million people and with rapid infrastructure development, Makassar has become a hub and center for trade and manufacturing. Makassar is the largest international city in Eastern Indonesia which has grown to become one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia. In addition, Makassar has the greatest business potential, especially in the property, trade and tourism sectors.

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The city of Medan is the best city on the island of Sumatra, as well as the most advanced and highest city in all sectors of this island’s life. The third largest city in Indonesia, has many jobs, which can accept and guarantee anyone who wants to work in the city of Medan. Medan is the gateway to western Indonesia and has grown into a large metropolitan city on the island of Sumatra. With a population of 3.4 million people, Medan is the center of trade, plantations and manufacturing in western Indonesia.

The five cities mentioned deserve to be assessed as cities that are suitable for work in Indonesia for expats, because they have levels, systems, methods and quality in various aspects of life, which provide the best work skills, and are supported by high salaries. However, choosing the right city is not enough for foreigners like you who want to work in Indonesia. You will need a working permit which is given to foreigners who will be employed in Indonesia by the guarantor. Using services such as Saranavisa.com will help you apply for a working permit to Indonesia conveniently.

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