Indonesia’s Business Trip, Do You Have A Plan?

Business travel has now been facilitated with Indonesian business visa facilities, namely single entry, and multiple entries specifically for foreigners who want to hold Meetings, and conferences, sign a deal, and other relevant business activities. 

If you have a business travel plan to Indonesia in the near future, below is some important information you must know. 

Why should I choose Indonesia?

The world sees Indonesia as having great potential opportunities, especially in the investment fields in several sectors. This good opportunity will undoubtedly help the economy in Indonesia accelerate and prove strong now even in the midst of world economic instability. Various sectors have good prospects and can be fertile ground for foreign investors, ranging from the beauty industry sector and the digital economy to the development infrastructure.  

Where is the  Business Entrance?

The most appropriate area to be the business entrance is Jakarta. A metropolis city that has always been an attraction for foreign investors with enormous opportunities. However, please note that Indonesia also has several other potential areas that can be considered for doing business.

Reky Lolong

One of the cities in Eastern Indonesia that has great potential for business in property development. A metropolitan city second only to Jakarta that deserves to be considered for doing investment business, especially in the industrial and trade sectors.

Nurul Hasanah

It has the nickname of the busiest city in Indonesia, with good economic growth because Medan is one of the cities that has a port here and has strengths in the trade, mining, manufacturing industry, retail, telecommunications, and warehousing sectors.

Project Portrait

A city in the western part of Java Indonesia that is famous for its creative industries, the creative industry in this region is now mushrooming and many startup companies are growing and developing.

Imam Fahroji

A city of the best investment in Indonesia from 2014 to 2016 it is no wonder that this city is the host of foreign companies and is also a gateway of tourism, especially from Southeast Asian countries.  


One of the cities in the Sulawesi region of Indonesia with a rapidly accelerating level of economic development. Having several mega projects including transportation, energy, marine, and tourism to infrastructure it has many profitable prospects so that it can invite many foreign investors to do business here. 

Indonesian business growth well 

According to data from the Indonesian government, economic growth in the future can increase up to 4.8 percent, this can also be considered that the percent figure can increase even more. Good economic growth is certainly influenced by good business growth as well. One of them is meeting the needs of growing market demands, for example, primary needs which are important needs that must be met every day. With growing business growth, critical needs will be met automatically also triggers a highly competitive level of business competition. 

Good business growth will certainly also reach a wider market, distributing to new territories to reach more customers. In addition, good business growth will definitely carry out continuous innovation in order to produce successful products.

Both business and traveling can do in Indonesia

Traveling has indeed become a lifestyle of modern society and has become a necessity for people to go on trips to various regions both domestically and abroad. The travel business is still a good opportunity and quite promising. Moreover, Indonesia has many hidden gem places that still have beautiful natural charm. 

Many foreign tourists choose Indonesia as their traveling destination because Indonesia has a large selection of destinations in various regions. Various kinds of destinations are comfortable traveling areas in Indonesia and easy to reach covering the islands of Java and Bali. 

Telaga Warna Dieng, Wonosobo is associated similarly to Plitvice Lake, Croatia is a lake in the mountains that can change color due to sulfur content. The cool atmosphere and beautiful scenery make you comfortable traveling while you are here. 

Does it easy to apply for a business visa in Indonesia?

Do you want to plan a business trip to Indonesia in the near future? Take it easy, with visa facilities will make your business trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Then, how to take care of visa facilities in Indonesia easily and briefly? Below is some info on preparing documents for applying for an Indonesian business visa. 

Have a passport with a validity period of at least 6 months

Copy the main page of your passport

Setting up two passport photos 

There is a statement letter from a foreign account bank with a minimum balance of USD 1,500

You can pick up your visa at the Indonesian embassy abroad where you are

Proof of ticket that you will leave Indonesia within 60 days

Those are some of the documents that you must prepare to get an Indonesian business visa, the process for this business visa is very easy and very short to work with. Hopefully, this can help you in getting a business visa for the smooth running of your business in Indonesia. Always plan your any business trip with us, our services will make your business trip easier.

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