Essential Items to Pack for Your Business Travel

To do business travel, the most important thing before leaving is to make a packing list. If you do not pack according to your needs, you will experience loss because you need to pay more at the destination and also be stressed.

For example, forgetting to bring your passport can derail all your business travel plans. You may be stressed because it is not working according to your plan, and you might have to spend more to take another flight. 

However, for those of you who often travel for vacation, packing for business travel is a different matter than packing for vacation. Therefore, we want to give you tips on what should be on your packing list when you are on business travel.


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Another item that needs to be included in your packing list is a laptop. This is an essential item to keep you productive. While waiting at the airport or on the plane, you can still continue your project or review presentation for the upcoming meeting. Don’t forget to bring other laptop accessories according to your needs, what is certain is that you need to bring a charger to supply your laptop battery during your business trip.

Notebook and pen

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In a client meeting, if you want to spontaneously jot down important items, what’s the best tool? It is a notebook and a pen. Moreover, indirectly you can be considered serious and organized in your work. It doesn’t only apply in a meeting, when you have a creative idea that suddenly appears in your brain, you need to write it down before the idea that can lead to big business ideas disappear.

Headphone or earbuds

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Another thing you need to bring is headphones or earbuds. By bringing this item, you can work during transit, join conference meetings with full focus. Apart from that, this is also helpful for you in enjoying entertainment to fill your free time.

Internet connection


Bringing your own internet hub can be more useful for working remotely. You could buy a roaming package from your home country or buy a local provider when you arrive. That way, you won’t need to worry about weak internet connection, especially in public areas. Public areas such as airports or hotels have many people to log in at one hotspot which makes slow internet connection. Sometimes hotels provide free wifi per device or are subject to excessive charges. This makes using your own internet more convenient.

Clothing and accessories

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When packing clothes for business travel, prepare clothes that suit your personal taste and can give you a boost in confidence to look good at the meeting you will attend. Even though people have different preferences, at least the clothes you bring can be categorized like this for average 3-days business travel:

  1. 2 formal tops attire
  2. 1 casual top
  3. 1-2 bottoms
  4. 3 pairs of underwear
  5. 3 pairs of socks
  6. 1 set of pajamas
  7. dress shoes and casual shoes

Bringing these items will help you be ready at any time to meet at an unpredictable event you will go to, like last-minute meetings that are excellent for socializing. It’s better for you to make sure how the weather conditions are at your destination. For instance if it’s dry and hot in that place, you need to bring clothes that are breathable and can absorb sweat. Also bring a moisturizer to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. Usually, hotels only provide soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes. Make sure you bring your other personal needs, such as make up and skin care.


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Traveling abroad definitely requires money in a different currency. Therefore carrying a wallet is important. Without it you will feel helpless because you cannot make any transactions. Even though the convenience of transactions using a card is common, it’s always good to carry money in cash to avoid unnecessary situations.

Business card

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In the business world, everything is about connection. Even if you have planned in your travel business to meet people you know, you can never predict if you will meet new people. Of course you want to stay professional in making acquaintances that can bring benefits to your work and relationally. That’s when you take out your business card from your pockets.

Travel Documents

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The most important thing is to bring travel documents, one of which is a passport. Without it, you cannot fly to your destination. Also, make sure you have arranged and obtained a visa for the destination country that requires a visa.

Other documents that need to be prepared would be boarding pass, bookings for hotels and transportation. You have the option to store it physically or digitally. By printing the document you don’t need to worry when there is no internet, on the other hand if you prefer to store it digitally you don’t have to bother printing it. Both are fine as long as you keep all the documents needed for business travel in one place or folder that can be accessed easily.

The packing list mentioned above can make it easier for you to prepare your business trip. These things include travel documents, laptops, earbuds, personal wifi hotspots, clothing, wallets, business cards and notebooks and pens. 

But before preparing all of that, you have to make sure if you already have a visa to the destination country. Without a visa you cannot be allowed to enter either. If you are planning business travel in Indonesia, you can use sarana visa services to easily prepare your business travel visa in Indonesia.

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